Dexter Church of Christ

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Proposed Service Duties

Brothers, if you are serving the congregation during Sunday morning worship service, please meet in the front-right class room at 10:27. Thank you.

Duties 7/25/21 8/1/21 8/8/21 8/15/21 8/22/21 8/29/21
1st Prayer Shone B. Shone B. Shone B. Shone B. Shone B. Shone B.
Lead Songs Larry H. Shone B., B. Stoll Shone B. Larry H. Shone B. Shone B.
2nd Prayer George W. B. Stoll George W. George W. Ken M. B. Stoll
Communion Shone B. Randall R. Shone B. B. Stoll B. Stoll Shone B.
Preach B. Schad B. Poe B. Poe B. Schad B. Poe B. Poe
Last Prayer Shone B. Dave T. Godfrey C. Dave T. Godfrey C. George W.

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Dexter Church of Christ
8700 Jackson Road, Dexter, Michigan 48130