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How to Get to Heaven

You seem to be looking for more help in understanding how to get to heaven, which is often referred to as the "Gospel Plan of Salvation" by Christians. Well, we'd like to try and help, so we've prepared this help section to try and make it easier to understand. Let's start with the overview from the top level and work our way down at the appropriate level for your position in life (that is, where you are in your spiritual journey), even if you're not sure where that is.

We have taken each of the "steps" previously outlined and broken them down for more detailed consideration one at a time. We've labeled each idea with a shorter name to make it easier to remember:

We will also show a helpful map to each concept like this:

Hear     Believe     Repent     Confess     Be Baptized     Continue

Most people have probably already completed one or more of these "steps" and may be more interested in the ones they are unfamiliar with or have not completed. If you find yourself in that situation, feel free to go directly to the link for that "step." Otherwise, you can certainly start at "Hear" and then continue from there.

If none of this is helping you, you may want to contact one of our elders or preachers to set up an informal bible study or just have a candid discussion about your questions.

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